Travel Medicine and Vaccination

Our doctors and nurses are available to provide pre and post travel advice.

Our doctors will take into account your travel itinerary, style of accommodation, activities while travelling, past medical history, allergies and a range of other factors, and recommend the appropriate and necessary vaccinations and/or medications required for your trip. A consultation is necessary in order to determine your individual needs. 

Our doctors will provide individual medical advice on international health risks on a location-by-location basis, provide a full range of vaccinations on site, as well as assess malaria risk and advise on strategies to prevent other insect-borne diseases. 

Golden City Medical Clinic is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Please let reception staff know when booking your appointment to allocate the correct time for your consultation and please bring with you:

  • Your travel itinerary
  • Vaccinations records
  • Details of any medication you are regularly or intermittently taking

Please note that if you are travelling for long periods and through multiple countries it is often necessary to have more than one consultation.

Depending on the complexity and length of your travel consultation the fee will vary, in addition to vaccination costs.

Most travel vaccinations and medications are available for purchase through the clinic. These include Yellow Fever vaccines and official World Health Authority Vaccination Booklets.

It is always good to plan ahead as ideally, the initial appointment should be booked 6 weeks prior to your travel date.

Ideally the initial appointment should be booked 6 weeks prior to travel