Pregnancy Care

Doctors at Golden City Medical Clinic provide shared antenatal care for women proposing to have their babies at Bendigo Health or St John of God Hospital.

Shared Care means that during the course of your pregnancy you visit the hospital a few times and our doctors do the remainder of the antenatal care.

Comprehensive communication between our doctors and the hospital ensures continuity of care.

It is often more convenient for women to attend their own doctor. This also may reduce the waiting times at hospital and reduce time away from work and family. 

The initial appointment to discuss your pregnancy care requires a 20 minute consultation.

The subsequent appointments take place at around every 4 weeks during the early stage of pregnancy. More frequent appointments are then required during the late stage of pregnancy. The hospital visits occur in between your appointments with your regular doctor.

The antenatal appointments may need to be longer than 15 minute , should you need more time to discuss any concerns with your doctor

After birth, a 6 week check-up occurs. A 20 minute appointment is required for yourself and a 15 minute appointment for your baby, the latter of which can be bulk billed if the baby is registered with Medicare. For these appointments, please bring your green baby book and any other documents you get from the hospital.