Pfizer Vaccine

The clinic is now taking part in the Pfizer Vaccine Rollout for patients 12 - 59 years old.If you are eligible, please ring the clinic to make an appoinment. Please take part to help protect yourselves and others.  

COVID Vaccine update (3)

We are finally getting the Covax "Astrazeneca" end of March. Unfortunately only small batch every week. Bookings will be on weekly basis for patients eligible in Phase 1b. (you can check your eligiblity online using this link:

Vaccine Eligibility Checker

If you are eligible, please ring the clinic and put your name down and our friendly staff will either:
- take your name and ring you back with an appointment
- give you an appointment "depending on eligibility and accessibility of vax"
Thank you all for your patience, during this busy time. 

*Important COVID Vaccine update*

The department of Health has allocated certain amount of COVID vaccine to the clinic.  The department has also set a date for the vaccine roll for golden city medical clinic in the week starting the 29th of March (no definite date). During the last few weeks, doctors, nurses and staff are working hard to make this process as smooth as possible.  we need our patients to be aware of their eligibility in phase 1b.  The vaccine is available for patients over 70 y.o, aboriginal and TSI over 55 y.o and patients with certain chronic medical conditions.Please check your eligibility on kindly ask for your patience during this process. We would like to reassure our eligible patients that they will all have access to the vaccine in due time.